JROTools - Substance texturing tutorial EP. 3-5 [FREE]

EP 3-5 of the free Substance Painter texturing tutorial has just been released.

I have also created a preview video for anyone that wants a quick preview, you can watch it in the link below.

Watch Tutorial & DLhttp://jrotools.co/nvt-a1

Join Discordhttps://discord.gg/R3EGuYD

for anyone that missed the email I sent out for episode 1-2 I have copied it below.

"I'm releasing another free tutorial together with Nvidia, this time I'm texturing a kitbash model from start to finish inside of Substance Painter, with some post/presentation work in Photoshop. All alphas/decals and substance painter files are included with the downloadable content so you can follow along or take a closer look at specific settings that might not be visible in the tutorial. Part 1 - 2 is released today and 3 - 5 is released later this week, so keep a look out for that."

Tutorial & DL