JROTools - 500+ Japan References (Free Samples)

We have released a new Japan reference pack with 530+ images. What makes this set special is that it's photos were mainly taken during the years 2019 - 2021 which had no foreign tourists due to covid-19, which enabled us to capture photos with little to no people were it would normally be impossible to do so.

Please download the free sample on Artstation for a closer look.

DL/Preview - JROTools.com

- The photos were taken during the fall/autumn months to get the extra beauty of the red and yellow leaves (momiji).

- The photos were taken with a full frame Nikon D850 at 45.7 Megapixels (8256 x 5504) which allows you to zoom in and look at every little detail. Downsized images at (4128 x 2752) for easier previewing are also included.

DL/Free Sample


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