AI Refs - Robots & Mechs 1000+ Images

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- 1000+ AI generated Robot/Mech reference images
- 400 x 400 resolution for $0
- 2048 x 2048 full resolution for $1 (because of file size restrictions on free products)

*This text is written specifically for Artstation, but the same goes for all marketplaces*

If you can’t get rid of them, devalue them

I as many others have waited and hoped that Artstation would eventually do something about AI generated images on their platform, but as time has passed and the problems have become more and more obvious I have to look for other options.

As there is no skill involved in the making of the AI generated products currently flooding the marketplace more and more people not connected to the industry are finding their way here to make a quick buck. There are several other problems I will go into deeper down below but to summarize it this is my plan B. I have created this product to help inform customers and to devalue the current pricing standards of AI generated reference products in hope of deterring more people from joining the site for the sole purpose of selling AI generated products. Best case scenario would be that Artstation also realizes that these products cost more to host than they end up earning and eventually end up deleting this product along with all other AI generated reference products.

AI generated content on Artstation

A long time ago some of us users and Artstation staff were debating on the topic of photos on Artstation. The answer reached back then was that although it could be considered art, Artstation was not the place for it and the risk of flooding the site wasn’t worth it. Sadly no debate was held regarding AI and although there is no artistic skill involved and has way more flooding potential than photos they have chosen to ignore/support it.

I know many like to refer to the subject of painters vs photographers when discussing artists vs prompters, I think those that see this as something similar have either not tried using AI or have no artistic background. Photography takes both skill and artistic sense to get good results, while AI generators in how it currently works is nothing more than an advanced google image search, if anything it’s easier as it gives you more exact results, nowhere in that process are you the actual creator, you are just playing the slot machine.

AI generated images and copyright

Currently most sellers selling AI generated reference products on this site are making you choose between multiple licenses such as commercial and studio licenses, this is no better than a scam. In its current form no raw AI generated image is protected by copyright and the moment you gain access to the image you have as much or little right to it as the one selling it. Although I don’t advise anyone to use AI generated images for commercial projects, if you were to do so you absolutely don’t have to pay more for a commercial license no matter who the seller is.

Why you shouldn’t buy AI generated reference products

Most products you see available today with 100 - 300 images were re generated with the same prompt to get a similar look for all images, this can be done during a couple of minutes on your tablet while you lie in bed. So why buy these products when you can just do it yourself and get better results by generating exactly what you are looking for.

My thoughts on AI generated images

Currently all popular AI image generators and everyone that’s using them are piggybacking on the backs of artists that haven’t given their consent, so by default it’s immoral and I hope regulations are put in place sooner than later. With that said immoral or not these generators will just get better and better and honestly they can be both fun and very useful for reference purposes. Hopefully we can adapt and use it to our advantage in a way where we still can be creative and make a living.

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AI Refs - Robots & Mechs 1000+ Images

20 ratings
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