Substance Masters Vol.2

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This set focuses on teaching and showing the creation process of 4 advanced substance designer materials, you can dig into the full and commented source SBS substance designer files or you can watch the creation process in the 39 hours of recorded video, 4 hours of those are voice commented. For those interested in presentation you can check out the Marmoset toolbag files that are included.

For those wanting to use the materials in a game or other commercial projects PNG, Tiff and TGA texture files are included as well as SBSAR Material files for use in substance painter or substance player.

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4 Full and commented SBS Substance designer source files.
- 4 Hours of voice commented video.
- 39 hours of Recorded creation video.
- PNG,Tiff,TGA Textures.
- SBSAR material files for use with substance painter/substance player.
- Marmoset Toolbag preview files.

License Info

Commercial use of the textures is permitted but nothing can be included in a asset pack or sold at any sort of asset/resource marketplace and must be embedded components in media such as a video game, movies, or similar products.

License Types

Standard Use License - Standard use, single user license.

Commercial Use License - Commercial use, single user license.

Team/Studio License - Team/Studio license for commercial use/viewing for an unlimited number of users working at the same studio/company.


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- Substance Designer files works with version 2017.2.2 and up.

- Marmoset toolbag files works with version 3.04 and up.

- Note that only the videos for PaintedConcrete and WoolKnit_2 have voice          comments the rest is pure creation stream/video.

- Due to upload problems the last parts of the ForestMirror videos might take
  a couple of hours before showing up in your library if you are an early bird.
  Also some of the videos might not be available for streaming the first hours
  after release.

Artist Info

Ben Wilson - Creator of the material JRO_ForestMirror

Artstation -

Vinicius Ribeiro - Creator of the material JRO_MudField

Artstation -

Ilan Shoshan - Creator of the material JRO_WoolKnit_2

Artstation -

Enrico Tammekänd - Creator of the material 

Artstation -

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Substance Masters Vol.2

99 ratings
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