SP/ZBrush 325 Hardsurface Height/Alpha + Tutorials Vol.1

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(This product is available in a collection/bundle at a reduced price in the link below - http://bit.ly/HSC04)

Sci fi brush and alpha set for Quixel, Substance painter, ZBrush, 325 brushes and height/alpha maps, all 2048x2048 16bit in tiff as well as jpeg and ABR Photoshop Brushes.

2 Video Tutorials are included
- Creating alpha/height maps from high poly to use as brush
- Customizing Alphas
- Preview sphere from the pictures is also included

- These Alphas can be used for any program that works with alphas and height maps, you can add to 3Dcoat, mudbox, Blender etc.
- Preview video and bigger preview pictures over at - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xBqlY

Adding custom alpha for quixel and Substance painter tutorial

Quixel - https://youtu.be/jMfHnk-vaPs
Substance painter - https://youtu.be/OanyrA9onh8

Links & Info

JROTools Artstation Store - http://jrotools.co/a
JROTools Gumroad Store - http://jrotools.co/g
JROTools Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/artist/jronn
JROTools Discord - https://discord.gg/R3EGuYD
JROTools Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/JROTools
JROTools Twitter - https://jrotools.co/t
JROTools Instagram - https://jrotools.co/ig

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SP/ZBrush 325 Hardsurface Height/Alpha + Tutorials Vol.1

220 ratings
I want this!