Hard-Surface Masters Vol.1

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Hard-Surface Masters Vol.1

20 ratings

In this tutorial Mathew O'Halloran takes you through his process of creating a real time military drone from start to finish, the main tutorial is about 7 hours long and a couple technique specific mini tutorials are also included. In the tutorial software such as Modo and Unreal engine 4 is used but please feel free to follow along using your preferred tools, as most techniques usually transfers well to other software.

Mathew Currently works as a lead environment artist at Epic games as a part of the Quixel team. In the past he has worked on game series such as The Division and FarCry.

For more preview images and videos click the link below.


01 - Blockout
02 - Refining Blockout
03 - Detailing Blockout
04 - Decal Setup
05 - Normal Decal Setup
06 - UE4 Setup
07 - Refining Design 01
08 - Quixel Materials
09 - Refining Design 02
10 - Refining Components
11 - Refining Bodywork
12 - Preparing Components To Bake
13 - Baking Components
14 - Component UVs
15 - Components In UE4
16 - Optimising Meshes
17 - Bodywork UVs
18 - Baking Bodywork
19 - Final Shaders

Bonus Tutorials

Techniques - Multiple UV Sets
Techniques - Normal Decals
Techniques - Presentation
Techniques - Round Edge Shader + Baking
Techniques - Scratch Grime Shader
Techniques - Texture Packing
Techniques - Face Weighted Normals

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Educational/Company license (Unlimited) - Unlimited number of viewers/users at one school/company or event location.


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Artist Info

Mathew O'Halloran
Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/mathewo

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